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You have a ton of options when it comes to pest control. Why choose Zolo Pest Control? Simply put, we are the best in the pest control services and animal removal business! We are the experts on all kinds of Whitby pest control and wildlife control.

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When you’re dealing with pests in your Whitby home, you might have a moment of panic at first. Where did the pests come from? What can you do to get rid of them? You don’t need to worry or fret, and you don’t need to try a bunch of home treatments that won’t work. Instead, all you need to do is call Zolo Pest Control. Our experienced professionals are ready to help you with your pest problem, whatever it may be. Whether you have wasps or bed bugs, or even a stray raccoon that’s set up camp in your house, you deserve to get your home back and sleep in peace! We use the very latest Environment Canada-approved pest control technology to ensure that you don’t have a continued problem. We understand that you have a busy schedule, so we offer services for your convenience. In addition, we guarantee our work to a 100% satisfaction.

Pest Control & Animal Removal in Whitby, ON

Tips On Keeping Ants Out Of Your House

Keep ants out of your house by following these simple tips! Ants are always trying to find a way into our houses, so make it less likely for them to come. Put away dirty dishes to keep your kitchen clean. Don’t leave food out to allow ants to feed on it. Sweep and vacuum regularly to clean up the food and dirt on the ground. Take the garbage out to get the scent of food and dirt out of your house and away from ants. These tips can help ant prevention in your house and keep them outside!

Put Away Dirty Dishes

After using a dish for food, clean it right away! Leaving dirty dishes out with old food on them will bring ants into your house. Cleaning your dishes will not give ants the chance to come into your house. It is as easy as using a dish, cleaning it off in the sink, and putting it in the dishwasher. Leaving dirty dishes out will allow the food to get old and bad, giving off a scent for ants to come to find it and find a way into your house. Keep them out by putting away your dirty dishes!

Pest control expert exterminating ants

Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

Sweep and vacuum your floors regularly to keep ants out of your house. Not sweeping and vacuuming can cause a build-up of dirt and food, which will cause ants to enter your house. This does not just cause ants to come, but will also cause other insects to come as well, due to the build-up and smell of not cleaning. Sweeping will allow you to clean up the crumbs and dirt that could be building up on your hard floor. Vacuuming will help keep your carpets clean of dirt and possible crumbs or spilled fluids that can cause a scent that brings in ants. It is very important to clean regularly to keep this problem at bay and not allow ants to come into your house.

Don’t Leave Food Out

Cat peeking over the brown table, looking at pink food on a plate on the table. Just finished making dinner and forgot to put the leftover food in the fridge? This can cause ants to enter your house. Make sure to put away leftover food or any food that is sitting out to where it should be. Leaving out food will cause ants to enter your house to eat that food. Put the food away and do not leave it out for ant prevention. One of the most common causes of ants being in your house is from leaving food out, so don’t give the ants a reason to come into your house.

Take Garbage Out

The person dropping trash bag outside in trash can. See a full garbage can in your house? Take it out right away to help ant prevention and prevent the garbage from stinking up your house. Smelly garbage can bring ants into your house to see what food is in the garbage can. Taking it out will allow the ants to find the garbage outside and stay outside. Not allowing the garbage to build up and gain a smell or overflow will prevent ants from coming into your home and feeding off the garbage.

Ant Prevention Tips

Need help with ant prevention? Following these tips will help with preventing ants from entering your home, but if you are in need of extra help to make sure ants do not come into your home then Zolo Pest Control is here for you.

Why Hire ZOLO

Hiring a professional pest control company from the beginning will save you so much time and stress, rather than going through trial and error by doing it yourself. Leave the hard work to the professionals with the know-how to quickly eliminate your pest problem once and for all. Save yourself time, energy, and frustration by hiring our reputable pest control company. Our trained and licensed pest technicians will be able to solve your problem quickly and effectively because they are knowledgeable about pests and effective treatments. After all, it is what they do every day. Stop throwing away your time and hard-earned money only to have to call a professional anyway. Get professional help and get it done right the first time.

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