Snake Removal in Durham & Greater Toronto area

There has been one death reported in Ontario due to the bite of an Easton Massasauga snake. In Ontario, snakes are protected under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. We capture them safely and humanely and relocate them to an area where they can continue to live a natural life.

Handling Snakes

Snakes should always be approached and dealt with after seeking professional help, especially when you’re unsure about the species you’re facing.

Handling any pest issue—especially one as serious as snakes—should always begin with identifying the species. If you suspect you have a venomous snake in your yard, you should not try to manage the snake on your own under any circumstances. But depending on your region, you might be dealing with a long list of non-venomous snakes that are commonly found lurking in bushes, leaf piles, or storage areas.

Where Snakes Go

Snakes are similar to other pesky visitors in your yard or home—they are often seeking food or shelter. Some snakes may hang around if they have access to eating:

  • Rats,Mice, Moles
  • Fish, Frogs, Slugs, Snails
  • Small farm animals
  • Grasshoppers
Where Snakes Hide

Snakes may also seek shelter in thick brush, dense piles of compost or leaves, or areas of water. Broken gutters, firewood containers, or ventilation can also provide places for snakes to take shelter from the heat. Your area may also have a low number of natural snake predators, such as raccoons and foxes.

Keeping Snakes Away from Your Home

Natural sprays, treatments, and barriers can keep snakes from entering your property or home in the first place. In the long run, it is best to remove any temptations for snakes, such as:

  • Rodents, Insects
  • Thick brush, Tall grass
  • Pooling water, Open storage
  • Broken drainage or gutters
  • Bird feeders or pet food
How to Know if You Have Snakes

If a slippery creature slithered by you, you may be concerned you have a larger issue. Here are a few signs you may have more snakes in your yard than you know:

  • Shed snakeskins
  • Snake holes
  • Tracks in your dust or dirt from slithering
  • Strange smells in enclosed spaces
  • Snake droppings
Protecting Your Home

Make sure to close up any easy entryways for snakes. These may include:

  • Open cellar doors
  • Broken gutters and drainage
  • Pet doors
  • Screenless windows
  • Holes in your roof or siding
  • Unsealed basement walls
  • Open crawl spaces
Good Snakes, Bad Snakes

Having some snakes in your yard is a great sign that you have a healthy environment. Snakes are members of the basic food chain to help control unwanted pests and supply food for larger predators like birds. Harmless snakes may even eat venomous snakes, further ensuring a safe yard. Be sure to check with Zolo Pest Control professionals before moving ahead with complete snake eradication.

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