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The Nature of Ants

Ants are most closely related to bees and wasps, which all have a narrow waist that segments their body. There are more than 12,000 species of ant, most of which are black, brown, or red in color.

Ants, just like termites, can cause serious damage to wooden building structures, including your home.

The main culprit behind this damage is the carpenter ant. These giants, the largest species in North America, build their nests in wood. And their jaws are powerful enough to carve holes even in solid, undamaged wood. The kind of wood many people’s homes are made out of.

Ants can be destructive to a home
The Destructive Nature of Ants

They become disease carriers and as such can spread diseases. Some ant species bite and sting which causes discomfort. They are also strong and determined insects. If an ant infestation is not brought under control, these pesky insects can do serious structural damage to a home or business. 

Ants are one of the most difficult household invaders to deal with. Because they’re “just ants”, many people try to take them on with over-the-counter remedies. Most of these solutions don’t work, and the time wasted on unsuccessful attempts to control the population result in more damage to the property.

Carpenters have powerful jaws that are more than capable of carving holes in timber. Once they have a mouthful, the ants will carry it to the entrance of the colony and spit it out. For this reason, one of the most characteristic signs of a carpenter nest is small piles of sawdust, known as frass, underneath holes in wood.

It is true that would take a lot of ants a lot of years to damage a building so much that it collapsed. But a more frequent event is that the ants weaken the structure of the home so that the next time a storm or other natural event hits, the house doesn’t stand up to the punishment as well as it should.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenters are relatively poor foragers, and as a result, can wander hundreds of yards from the colony in search of food. Also, these creatures have multiple nests that can be hundreds of feet apart. So if you’re seeing carpenters on your property, the nest may be located on a neighbor’s land, not yours.

Flying Ants

At certain times of the year, usually once in spring and again in fall, carpenter nests will begin to produce winged reproductive members. This is how colonies spread. While regular foraging workers are sterile and exclusively female, winged ants can be either male or female and are capable of reproduction.

Pavement Ants

Much smaller than the carpenter variety, pavement ants are commonly seen on sidewalks and other paved areas in the summer. They like to build colonies in sandy soil, often underneath concrete.

Sometimes, they can also enter into buildings via cracks in the foundation. While this species may not damage the structure of a home, their nest building can undermine concrete slabs and paved driveways. Eventually, this will cause the paving to buckle and crack. So while they are not a threat to your home, they might be a threat to your driveway.

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