Residential Pest Control Services in Durham & Greater Toronto area

We are experienced and licensed Pest Control Professionals. We will solve your pest problem fast and efficiently. We are members of your community and are ready to resolve any and all pest control issues in your home.

Quality Service

Our mission is to provide quality long-term pest solutions to our clients while doing our professional best to exceed industry safety, service and environmental standards. We offer services at an affordable price. Our number one focus is to ensure your safety, health and provide you with the best quality customer service. We strongly believe that the growth of our company depends on your satisfaction with the quality of service you receive from us.

You can count on our professional experts to identify your pest problem, get rid of the problem, and help you safeguard your home and family from future infestations. If you’re looking for quality and effective residential pest control, choose your local experts - Zolo Pest Control Inc. Our professional team would be happy to assist you with getting rid of what's bugging you at home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote or to book a service.

Ants can be destructive to a home
Our Program

Our program includes an initial site inspection which will detect pest evidence; recommend prevention of harborage sites and possible attractants. It offers the homeowner a cost effective year round solution to common household pests.

Price per service is based on type of pest, infestation, geographical area, and size of structure.

With this program there are a minimum of 4 scheduled visits (including initial inspection), emergency visits, documented reports and action plans to reduce and eliminate the risk of pest problems.

Pests covered under this program are rodents, silverfish, pantry pests, spiders, ants (all except carpenter), pill & sow bugs, crickets and earwigs.

Our Committment

We are committed to offering you the best options possible for residential pest control. Whether you’ve spotted carpenter ants on your floor or you are dealing with a rodent infestation, you can always trust Zolo Pest Control Inc to get the job done with professionalism and excellent customer service. We offer free inspections and estimates of pest services from our fully trained, licensed, and insured technicians.

We thrive to serve the community and provide services to homes within Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our approach is geared towards making homes safer, healthier and more hygienic. Our products and chemicals are very safe and environmentally friendly that are safe for you and your family. Zolo Pest Control technicians are fully licensed and insured. We also guarantee our pest control solutions that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a service they can trust.

We at Zolo Pest Control Inc. understand your domestic pest problems and are always ready to provide safe and healthy services for Homes, Apartments, Condos and Retirement Homes to enjoy your living environment throughout the year. When it comes to solving pest problems in your home, we want you to be confident that you and your loved ones are safe. Pests are active all year round, which leads to different diseases and illnesses. Our pest control service calls are an opportunity to provide additional advice on how to protect your home and family from future pest invasion.

Why Hire ZOLO

Hiring a professional pest control company from the beginning will save you so much time and stress, rather than going through trial and error by doing it yourself. Leave the hard work to the professionals with the know-how to quickly eliminate your pest problem once and for all. Save yourself time, energy, and frustration by hiring our reputable pest control company. Our trained and licensed pest technicians will be able to solve your problem quickly and effectively because they are knowledgeable about pests and effective treatments. After all, it is what they do every day. Stop throwing away your time and hard-earned money only to have to call a professional anyway. Get professional help and get it done right the first time.

  • We're members of your community and we genuinely care.
  • We’re experts in managing, controlling or eliminating common nuisance residential pests like spiders, ants, and more serious pests like bed bugs mice
  • Our pest management professionals are fully trained and licensed.
  • Our solutions are safe for people and pets.
  • We treat our clients with courtesy and respect and we treat every house or business as if it were our own.
  • We deliver exceptional customer service.
  • We offer annual programs and custom treatment plans.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We offer a rewarding referral program & great special offers.

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    We will strive to be in regular communication with our clients until we satisfactorily eliminate the infestation they may experience. For questions or quotations do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.
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