Bees, Wasps & Hornets Removal in Durham & Greater Toronto area

We are experts in bee and wasp control. We obey all laws regarding removing bees. Please call us to help you in the safer removal of these insects.

Wasps & Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets and wasps are dangerous to humans because of their painful and potentially harmful sting. There are many different types of Yellow Jackets and wasps that are troublesome. These pests can nest in your attics, walls or in ceilings as well as in various locations outside your home.


Bees are very important to the ecosystem because they provide pollen for our plants to grow. In some cases, bees decide to builds their hive near your home and thereby become a danger to people, especially if the hive is disturbed. Honey bees do not bite. However, they will deliver a painful sting in order to defend their colony.

Sometimes these insects are very aggressive especially if they feel threatened. If you have children or someone who is allergic to these pests, you need to take extra precautions when they are around. In certain cases living in close proximity to these pests can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Seek medical assistance if the victim who is stung has trouble breathing, feels faint or dizzy, breaks out in hives or has swelling in their tongue or have a history of severe allergic reaction to insect stings.

Honey Bees are Dangerous

Honey bees are considered to be dangerous. A sting from a honey bee will result in a painful, raised welt. In some cases the venom from a honey bee sting can cause a severe allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention.

Honey Bees Infestation

Having the occasional few honey bees flying around your flowers and landscaping is normal and should not be an issue. It is when the hive has been built either in your home or very close to it that there should be concern. If you are seeing large numbers of honey bees flying near or in your home then it is a sign of an infestation and a professional should immediately be called.

How Honey Bees Invade a Home

Honey bees are most often attracted to properties that have large flowering gardens. Once they have been drawn to your property because of an abundant food source they may stay and build a nest.

Honey Bees Prevention Methods

The best way to prevent a honey bee infestation is to limit the amount of flowers and flowering plants you have placed near your home. Make sure that trash cans have tight fitting lids and do not leave food and drinks sitting outside for long periods of time.

Why Hire ZOLO

Hiring a professional pest control company from the beginning will save you so much time and stress, rather than going through trial and error by doing it yourself. Leave the hard work to the professionals with the know-how to quickly eliminate your pest problem once and for all. Save yourself time, energy, and frustration by hiring our reputable pest control company. Our trained and licensed pest technicians will be able to solve your problem quickly and effectively because they are knowledgeable about pests and effective treatments. After all, it is what they do every day. Stop throwing away your time and hard-earned money only to have to call a professional anyway. Get professional help and get it done right the first time.

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