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Finding a pest control service you can rely on isn’t always easy. But with Zolo Pest Control, the search is quick and easy. We are just a call away and can help you make sure your home and business is always free of pests.

Treat Your Home for Mice, Wasps, Roaches and Other Common Pets

At Zolo Pest Control, we treat a variety of common household pests in Courtice including ants, wasps, roaches, mice, bed bugs, termites, spiders and more. Whether you’re looking for one-time service or a regular service plan to keep your home free of pests, our expert pest control team have you covered. At Zolo Pest Control, we want to make sure getting top-notch service and a pest-free property is easy for you! Once you give us a call, we can get you started with a free inspection with our pest control team who will create a customized plan to treat your home for pests.

List of pest control services in Courtice offered by Zolo

Mice infestation in CourticeON

Pest Control: Mice Removal in Courtice

There are many common household intruders that can be removed with pest control, and mice are no exception. In fact, mice should always be left to the professionals. Mouse traps are a popular option, but using a mouse trap does not ensure that your family is protected from the diseases and bacteria that these rodents spread.

Removing a mice population is only part of the pest control process. Our pest control expert will also be able to identify the entrances that these pests used to find their way into your home, and once their entryways have been sealed you will not have to worry about future rodent infestations.

Mice and Other Rodents are Dangerous Pests

The biggest reason that you need to be quick when dealing with rodents is the array of dangers that they present to your family members. If you aren’t careful you and your loved ones could become very ill due to an infestation. Many diseases have been linked to rodent presences, they include:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Lassa Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis
  • Plague
  • Rat-Bite fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia

All of these diseases have serious side-effects, and some could even prove fatal. You may be tempted to try and control a rodent population using mouse traps or over the counter rat poison, but none of these approaches are quick or effective enough to fully eliminate the risk of these dangerous diseases.

Call Zolo Pest Control to Remove Mice & Rodents

Instead of wasting time and money with store-bought products, get in touch with our experienced pest control teamtoday if you suspect that mice or rats are present in your home, office, factory floor or warehouse. There are many pest control providers out there, but not all of them have the tools and experience that are necessary to fight a rodent infestation like Zolo Pest Control. There are many questions that you can ask when speaking with our pest control expert. Asking about our specific approach to removing rodent infestation is welcomed and we have all the patience to explain to you our process.

Wasp infestation in Courtice ON

Removing Wasp Infestation in Courtice, ON

Wasps are a dangerous pest. These bugs cause painful stings that can lead to dangerous allergic reactions. If wasps build a nest near your home, you or your loved ones could suffer from the stings that these pests are notorious for. Here’s the sure-fire signs of a wasp nest:

  • Wasps generally build their nests in late spring, with nests typically being complete by May. The pests will abandon this nest before fall comes to a close, this in-between time is when an active wasp nest is most likely to be found near your home. Wasp nests look different depending on the variety of pest that’s present in your area. You will normally see a few wasps swarming around the outside of the nest, which is usually shaped like a sphere or half-sphere. They are very thin and almost resemble paper.

If you spot a wasp nest near your home it is important that you remove it as quickly as possible to reduce the threat of stings. Here are some tips for safe and sucessful wasp nest removal:

  • Step One: Select a product. There are many products that are commercially available and claim to be ideal for fighting wasps, but you may already have everything you need in your home. When applied to a nest correctly, even soapy water has proven successful in forcing wasps to relocate. Before attempting any sort of product, take your time to research it and ensure that it will make the wasps go away, instead of just angering them.
  • Step Two: Find a sprayer. Use a high-power sprayer to attack the wasp nest, and fill it with the solution that you researched and selected in step one. A high power sprayer allows you to stand as far from the nest as possible, reducing the chance of potential stings taking place.
  • Step Three: Dress for removal. When attempting to remove a wasp nest, you want to be dressed for the job. This means long sleeves, gloves, full-length pants and close-toed shoes. If possible, use a scarf or mask to protect your face. Many homeowners leave the face unprotected, which can result in some of the most painful and disorienting stings.
  • Step Four: Make a plan. Before you start spraying a wasp nest, you need to have an exit strategy in mind. If the nest has been formed in a corner of your porch, you can potentially stand inside of your home and be able to quickly shut the door if insects start flying in your direction. Make sure there are clear paths in multiple directions available.
  • Step Five: Spray. While standing at a safe distance from the nest (ideally as far possible while still being able to reach the nest with a powerful spray) begin spraying your wasp-removal solution onto the nest. As soon as you begin, any wasps that are currently inside of the nest will begin to frantically swarm. At this time it is best to seek shelter from the pests and wait until activity has died down.
  • Step Six: Dispose of the nest. If the nest falls during the spraying this step will be easier, but it can be performed either way. Make sure that no wasps are on or inside of the nest, spray the nest with more of your wasp control solution to ensure that this is the case. Once you’re absolutely certain that no pests remain, carefully scoop the nest into a trash bag or container – avoiding direct contact with the nest itself.
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